Posted by: scrabblequeen | June 18, 2009

Dog Days and Nights

Poor Misty and Sasha have spent far more time alone this week than usual. With Mom and the boys off at camp, and Dad working, working working, it’s been rough. Mom knew it would be hard for the girls, who are used to losts of company, so she hired some nice folks to come each day and take the dogs for a walk, feed and water, and just play/spend time with them.

But, here is what they are saying the whole week looked like, from their vantage point.
forlorn pup 1
poor Misty
sasha may 09
Nothing to do but lie around the house all day, all alone. Sigh.


  1. Poor babies! They’ll have lots of stored up energy when you get back. Get ready to play.

  2. They look nice and comfy, though. 🙂

  3. That first photo REALLY looks like a serious glare…

  4. It could always be worse… at least they look happy and comfortable!

  5. Thor is going to look like that when we have to go to a wedding on 4th of July. They are so sad when their people are not around. I hope Misty and Sasha have a dry, people filled weekend!

  6. Such a cute pack!

  7. they just hate it when we leave them, don’t they

  8. Picture number one makes me fear for your life.

    I could have my dogs contact your dogs to tell them how grumpy they’re being. My two poor pitifuls are always alone on weekdays. They will, of course, neglect to mention that I get up at 4:30am to walk them before work, race home to walk them at lunch and go directly home after work to take them out again.

  9. Poor babies…I bet they got tons of love when you returned!:)

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