Posted by: scrabblequeen | June 10, 2009

Misty’s Turn

dogs on thurday
It seems Misty doesn’t get a s much “face time” on the blog as Sasha does. We’re going to try to rectify that situation today.

First, we have “Misty at Attention”. Doesn’t she have great poise?
misty at attention
And then a blast from her past. When she was young, Misty had a favorite toy. She took it everywhere with her, and got very upset if it couldn’t be found when wanted needed. The toy was a stuffed Barney, which used to belong to Daniel. As you can see, between the two of them, they loved to death!
Misty & Barney
Happy DOT, and go check out some of our other doggie friends, too.


  1. Nice work on that Barney there, Misty!

  2. That’s one well-loved toy. Fred loved his “babies” to bits too.

  3. What a sweet baby pic! Great pics! Happy DOT!

  4. Barneys were not made to stand up to teeth. Sad but true. It’s nice that Misty loved that toy so well!

  5. Barney is obviously a very good friend.

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