Posted by: scrabblequeen | May 5, 2009

Random Tuesday

Random thing the first: I had to send the dogs back to the groomer today. For the first time ever, she didn’t do what we needed when we sent them to her 3-4 weeks ago. She left them long, and Sasha was kind of un-evenly cut, too. Problem; Misty has spring allergies and has scratched and chewed herself until she is matted and stinky! Hopefully all will be well in an hour or so.

Random thing the sceond: I’m going to the Stitch and Pitch tonight! The Sacramento RiverCats, out AAA Ball club (farm team for the A’s) is hosting. Praying for no rain. I’m attending with several members of our local knit group. 🙂

Random thing the third: I’m doing the happy dance because two of my students will finish for the year next Monday, and the rest by the end of May! That’s only 14 more days of teaching for me!! (but who’s counting?)


  1. 😦 Poor fur-girls! I hope beauty and order are restored now?

    How was the Stitch ‘n Pitch?

  2. So it’s not just the human hair cutters that do weird things every now and then?

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