Posted by: scrabblequeen | May 2, 2009

Wee Tiny Sock Swap 2009



I haven’t mentioned it really, but I participated in the Wee Tiny Sock Swap again this year. I love it’s ease, it’s simplicity, it’s quickness!

Step One: Register (check)

Step Two: receive swapee info  (check)

Step Three: quick email chat or blog snooping to establish likes  (check)

Step Four: Knit a Wee Tiny Sock  (check)

Step Five: put in a card, in an envelope, and mail!  (check)

Step Six: Squeal with delight when my own Wee Tiny socks arrives.  (CHECK!)

I knit two little sockies for my swapee this year, both from Socks That Rock! I included a little sock blocker keychain, too, and a notepad with her name on it.






I recieved a lovely spring-y sock on Thursday!






Did you see the cute stitch marker, too? 🙂



My sock was enclosed in a spring-y Iris card.






Isn’t this simple(y) and wonderful?


  1. My kind of swap!! Lovely sock and stitch marker you received!!

    And your Mr.Greenjeans and Tanzanite socks are just perfect 🙂

  2. Sweet! That’s a cute stitch marker you got too.

  3. love all of the socks those given and the received, I am blessed ot have the master blocker and that he likes being creative in the kitchen!!

    The Ulmus is a fantastic knit, I am loving every stitch!

  4. Pretty!

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