Posted by: scrabblequeen | April 15, 2009

Re-living My Old Nightmare

Or, deja-vu all over again!

We built ( or had built) our house back in 1991. Custom deal. We got to pick the plans, modify them, pick all the “stuff” out, like floors, fixtures, etc. All should have been perfect, right? Not quite. Seems the builder may have, ahem, fudged a bit on some the slab prep for the house. In an area know to have high ground water….

Six months after we moved in, we noticed the seams on the vinyl flooring were separating….The builder said, “oh, it must be the manufacturer or the installers fault”. NOT. When they pulled up the floor we had WET slab underneath. Sigh. Picture us living for six months with bare concrete and the furiture all piled in the front room of the house. We had four children ages 6 months, 3 1/2, 6, and 8 at the time. Can you say “Fun” with a caitol F?

Fast forward 17 years. We needed to replace the vinyl, due to age related issues, and just being ready to up-date the house’s look a bit. Samples were brought in, choices made, dates set. We spent many hours over the last four days packing and moving everything out of the entire back side of the house, which includes; family room, dinette, kitchen, and laundry area. Yesterday, we had to move four major appliances (always a barrel of fun) and pull up the baseboards throughout the area in question. We thought we were good to go when the men from the floor company arrived at 8:30 this morning. We were wrong…sadly wrong.

Here follow way too many photos of the project, which is now “on hold” once again, while the slab dries out.

SSigh. I could go on about how bad the mold smell is, how the problem will be fixed, we hope, and how off the schedule will be from what was planned. However, I am feeling mericful, so you will be spared. If, on the other hand, you are the praying type, could send up a good word for us that this will be quickly and properly taken care of? And that my math classes can begin again, without undue difficulty, on MOnday? Thanks!



  1. Definitely prayers, good wishes and a hmmm… Do I really resent the Knight for putting off major rennovations and an addition?

    (No. I like sitting on my sofa, in my living room…)

  2. Ouch! We’ve got floor down to cement in our basement right now because of water issues son’s room next water issues and mold… so I feel a little of your pain but!!! my refrigerator is still in my kitchen and the toilet is still in the bathroom!! I will send up a prayer for this issue to be resolved and resolved well….

  3. First my husband thanks you for being such a wonderful customer, to have done everything you did to get ready for your flooring installer made me weep, he moves more stuff even though the contracts say it is to be empty, and I mean stuff, modular furniture antiques, clothes bed linens, he says they clean off dressers into boxes and then leave the boxes for him to move,

    I will send prayers that it drys quickly, I am severely allergic to black mold, thank goodness you are aware of the problems!

  4. Oh, No! Ouch! Praying!

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