Posted by: scrabblequeen | March 31, 2009

Knit And Fiber Content Included

It seems like the knitting is getting rather hard to find around here this year. I find myself so busy with all the other “real life” stuff, that blogging about knitting is taking a back-seat to the actual knitting. In other words, given a limited amount of “free” time, I choose to DO the thing, rather than photograph or write about it!

I’ll make an exception to that tonight. It’s already 11:30, but hey, for you, anything. 🙂

My main project On The Needles at this moment is a baby blanket for my friend’s first grandchild, who is due in early May. My own pattern, on size 4 circs, using Bernat Baby Jacquards in the Spearmint Candy colorway. Normally I wouldn’t like to use an acrylic/nylon blend for a baby, due to it’s extreme flammability, but this time cost, cuteness, and washability won out.

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Yesterday, I joined a Knit-a-long on Ravelry. The Springtime Swirl is a circular lace shawl. I’m still trying to decide what yarn to use for this. It calls for laceweight, but as it will be my first lace shawl, I’m seriously considering using a fingering weight yarn instead. Wish me luck!

I still have Hubby Dearest’s newest socks on the needles, too. Sigh. I’m not so sure I want to tell you about my latest incredibly stupid knitting error. Let’s just say that with only the toes left to knit, I noticed a fatal flaw, which will require a total frogging and re-knit of one sock. Sigh. Have I mentioned how not thrilled I am to knit endless rows of 3 x 1 ribbing in dark navy blue? Now I get to do it all over again. Thunk! That was the sound of hitting my head against the wall…I’ll spare you the rest of the sound effects.

I finally photographed most of my latest stash acquisitions today, but due to the lateness of the hour, I’ll only flash one tonight. Hopfully the remainder will follow tomorrow.

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  • Mmmalabrigo Silky DK in the Indeicita colorway. Delicious! I have it’s pattern already picked out.


  1. Beautiful blankie!

    I think you’re wise to knit with fingering weight for your first lace shawl. It will be fun to watch this KAL unfold.

    What pattern will you be using? I have two hanks of Silky too, but they won’t tell me what they want to be.

  2. I love your new yarn! Some of my favorite colors. I’ll be waiting to see what it is going to be.
    Have fun in your shawl KAL. Is it a circle? Or do you even know that much? I’ve never done a KAL.

  3. I love the colors in the blanket! Very nice. 🙂

  4. That is one well-loved baby already!

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