Posted by: scrabblequeen | March 12, 2009

PI Day! Coming Tomorrow. Be Prepared!

Wow, isn’t this exciting? Two math holidays in one month!

Learn all about Pi Day.


San Fransisco Comical, I mean Chronicle article

HA.HA. Jokes on me, I posted this a day early!! Oh well, back to oblivion for me.



  1. Wow! I feel so honored because that happens to be my birthday, too!

  2. Interesting. Who knew there were so many math holidays?!

  3. SF Comical. Thank you for the guffaw!

  4. Mmmm pie….

  5. apple pecan blueberry mmmmmmmmmmmmm

    the tea is a blend of those 2 flavors, it came that way, i didn’t blend it, but man is it good!

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