Posted by: scrabblequeen | March 9, 2009

Why No New Posts?

Monday schedule:

10 am – noon: Algebra 2

1 pm-3pm: Algebra 1

3:15-4:30 : Tutor

6:45-9:30 Meeting

Sunday: Teach Sunday School 8:45- 10 am

Help with Children’s church – noon

Missions Team Meeting until 2:30

Nap! until 5 pm

Kings Game 6-9

Dinner at IHOP with Hubby Dearest

Crash for night!

Saturday schedule:

Meeting 10:15-11:45
appointment : Noon -2 ish
Costco shopping (skipped baby shower to go get food for family)
also skipped Memorial service for a Great man, sad about that!

Laundry, yardwork, etc until 6:30
Friends for dinner 7-9:30….

Any Questions?



  1. Hang in there! Hope the whole week isn’t like that!

    And I’m up way too late because I zoned right in on the IHOP and now I’m craving pancakes!!!

  2. I understand, especially the CRASH part.

  3. Boy do I understand!

  4. Makes perfect sense to me! Hope Real Life gives you a break soon.

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