Posted by: scrabblequeen | February 26, 2009

Dogs? Again?!

Hey, why not? It’s Thursday and all the other bloggers are doing it, so why not me?
Misty is one of those dogs who is always smiling. Being all black, she can be hard to get a good photo of, though. I can hardly believe she is 10 yrs old! It seems not so long ago that she was just a baby…
Sasha, on the other hand, is easy to get pictures of. We seem to have no shortage of photo opportunities for our little cutie. Her 4th birthday is coming soon….whatever shall I do for her?


  1. Yay! Your fur-girls are adorable and deserve regular blog time you know…

  2. What cute puppehs!

  3. You can never go wrong with dogs as far as I am concerned.

  4. I love Misty’s smile!!! And Sasha looks so comfy! Maybe a doggy play date with some of her friends?

  5. Aw did they miss you while you were on vacation?! You should bake Sasha puppy treats!

  6. Give them some scritches for me. 🙂 Both are cuties.

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