Posted by: scrabblequeen | February 22, 2009

The Jammies!

I had the opportunity last night to head into Sacramento for a concert/competition. My friend Celia’s son Joe was in one of the bands and we were there to support him.

What are the Jammies, you ask? Read on for an answer.

The JAMMIES is a 2-day concert series (Night of Contemporary Music and Evening of Classical Music) showcasing some of the finest high school musicians in the Sacramento area. It’s no secret that funding for our public school music programs is in jeopardy. With the current state budget cuts, high school music programs for our children are rapidly declining. In light of this, and to further our commitment to music in our schools, the JAMMIES gives the community an opportunity to experience the extraordinary talent of our young performers and show support for our schools.”

We, myself and 5 young men, went to see the evening of Contemporary music, although, truth be told, I probably would have enjoyed the Classical music a bit more. Celia is a very good friend and brought bright pink earplugs for me! I only took them out for three of the performances. Once for Joe’s group, of course, and again for a pair of sisters on keyboard and accoustic guitar, and the last time for the only solo performer of the eveing, a young male singer who accompanied himself on the guitar.
The evening was quite enjoyable overall, and was made nearly perfect when the boys’ group, A Curbside Ending, was announced as the Second Place winner! Whooo hooo! To say Celia was a tad excited would be a gross under-statement!

Here’s a bit of what she had to say, after she had some time to absorb the idea.

“If you haven’t heard yet, Joe and Aaron (A Curbside Ending) won 2nd place last night at the Jammies! I believe their prize is having a company produce a music video of them and they get to compete next weekend at the BATTLE FOR THE BUS (The Battle for the Bus will be held at the Benvenuti Performing Arts Center at Natomas Charter School and the five JAMMIES finalists will be competing prizes provided by the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus and its sponsors.)”

Congratulations Joe and Aaron, and good luck with the Battle For The Bus!

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