Posted by: scrabblequeen | February 20, 2009

A Vancouver KnitMeet

Tuesday night I finally got the chance to meet Monica. We had agreed to meet at the Steeps Tea Lounge on Broadway. I was pretty excited to be finally meeting Monica; I was also pretty tired from our day’s activities. In the interest of time we decided to take a taxi. I got my knit bag all ready to go, then we grabbed our coats and headed down to the lobby.

After a harrowing ride (did I mention I hate taxi’s?) we arrived right on time at six o’clock. As we exited the taxi, I suddenly noticed….no knit bag! Arrgghh….

Oh well, no going back now. Upon entering the Tea Lounge, I quickly spotted Monica. Thank goodness for blogs!
I was feeling a bit stupid just then, for leaving my knitting back at our hotel, but I must say I had a wonderful evening anyway. Juila and MaryAnn were the other two gals who came to knit with the out-of-towner. They were all very easy to chat with and I quickly felt right at home.
One of the highlights of the evening for me was the “little” gift I received from Monica. I could hardly believe she had searched out an bought a beautiful teacup and saucer set for me! Royal Albert, with lovely pink flowers. Funny thing, though, it was the “Lavendar Rose” pattern, in spite of the clearly pink color. Whatever, it is gorgeous! I haven’t had time to snap a photo yet, but Monica has a very nice posted over on her blog. Thanks so much…I love it!

Time went by quickly and before we knew it, it was nine o’clock. Time for all of us to head back to whatever “reality” had in store. My Hubby Dearest had been quietly reading off by himself for some time by now…what a guy!


  1. What a sweet hubby! Mine is going with me to the Stitches South event in April. Although, I asked him if he was going to walk around the vendor floor with me and I got a very skeptical look. I’m guessing that meant no. lol

  2. Hey that’s a terrible photo of me (the first one) …. but the second one of the three Vancouverites is good!

  3. Totally sweet hubby! And how fun to meet other knit bloggers!! Can’t wait to finally meet you next week at Stitches 🙂

  4. Yay! And your hubby should get an award for being the best knit blogger’s companion. I enjoyed meeting both of you and only wish I could have joined you to meet Monica too!

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