Posted by: scrabblequeen | February 10, 2009

So Far Behind…

….it’s not even funny!

It’s been a week, or is it two, since two of my wonderful, creative, Blogging friends have been so kind as to offer me a Blog Award. And I, being so awesome myself, (gag) have failed to even mention this fact or to thank either of the lovely ladies in question. Sorry gals. 😦
Both Grace and Channon were so kind as to tag me with this award. I guess it just proves insanity IS contagious? Thank you for your kindness! I really appreciate this, but…yes but, I choose to delay my passing on of this award for the time being. I know many Creative Bloggers, many of whom have already been given thsi award by someone….so…I’ll be watching and waiting for the right blog, at the right time, and then…Whamo! Out the award will go again. I promise.
Until then, I’ll leave you with a view of real creativity: A two color flower, by the Master of creativity!


  1. See?! You ARE creative. What a great photo!

  2. Oh wow! What type of flower is that? It’s beautiful!

  3. Cool. And gorgeous.

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