Posted by: scrabblequeen | February 5, 2009

It’s Raining!

Now I know that isn’t exactly a bid deal to many of you, but it’s always a big deal here. We’ve had so little rain this winter that the drought talk has been flying like crazy. So, yeah! for the rain.

The girls are still in bed snoozing, but they said I could post yet another picture of them just hanging around, if I wanted to.

My Two Cuties

My Two Cuties

They got groomed this week, which brought to light something I hadn’t quite realized before; Sasha’s fur is different colors when it’s long compared to when it’s short! Every time we groom her, she gets “dark” because all her black under-coat comes into view. As it grows out, we see more and more of the silvery-grey color. Cool, huh?

This is a Dogs On Thursday Post!


  1. That must mean it’s on it’s way down here…
    Hasn’t arrived yet :0)

  2. Love that pretty pink ball!

  3. We did a happy dance every time it rained this past summer (which wasn’t very often), so I understand. 🙂

  4. Very photogenic! Happy DOT’s From your doggy pals, Honey Dew and Sampson.

  5. what cute pups!

  6. Great photo of two beautiful little pups!

  7. Way too CUTE!

  8. So adorable!! Who is going to dog-sit while you and hubby are on vacation?

  9. Cute! And yes on that rain out there.

  10. So cute!!! Love them!!

    A raining story to share…my dad said this afternoon on their walk, Bailey decided to roll over on the all the wet grass and do the “rub my tummy” pose?!! Dad wasn’t too thrilled with her 🙂

  11. Really cute doggie pic! Does she always have a ball in her mouth? LOL

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