Posted by: scrabblequeen | February 3, 2009

Too Pooped To Party

I think it’s because of the amount of business over the weekend, but today I’ve been feeling tired and beat up. It’s only Tuesday….How is this possible? I have finished objects to share, and a nearly finished object too. Wouldn’t it be nice to find time for photos and all that? Keep hoping. Maybe Wednesday will be better.

Oh, and I have a new time drain in my life: Facebook. Thanks everybody for snaring me in that web!


  1. SNOL… As I confirmed you as a friend, I did indeed think “Welcome to another time-suck!”

  2. You’re welcome!!! LOL

  3. hahahaha..welcome to the dark side…wait’ll you play ‘twirl’ omg you will totally get sucked in.

  4. Don’t worry… if you check facebook just once a day, you’ll be “caught up” enough that it’s like 3 minutes just to check if anything is new. That’s what I try to do (I say try because I’m on it faaar too much… and for work, seriously!!!)

  5. i can relate to the facebook time that could be spent knitting

  6. I have stayed away from Facebook because it is my collage-aged daughters’ hangout. But I am missing out hanging with all you guys? Darn!

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