Posted by: scrabblequeen | February 2, 2009

Picture Of The Month

When I changed templates after the holidays, one of the fun things I discovered about my new header is that it is much easier to change the photo! I decided I’m going to change the picture every month this year. January’s shot was of the Cliffs of Moher, taken on our Ireland trip in July.

February’s featured photo is a view of Exeter, England, taken by me in 2005. I wish you could see the “pre-cropped” photo all of the time, but we’ll have to settle for what we can, yes? Here is the “whole deal”, for just this once. Enjoy!



  1. ahhh my vicarious travel companion strikes again with yet another lovely picture I left you a little something on my blog!!

  2. Neat! I need to spiffy my blog up at some point too…

  3. I love photos from England and Ireland. How fun to change up your header every month!!

  4. Ooh, fabulous!

    I always enjoy visiting England, and the views are often splendid. I’m hoping to get to Oxford and Cambridge this year.

  5. *pouts* I missed January because I use a feed reader!

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