Posted by: scrabblequeen | January 29, 2009

Where Do Your Dogs Hang Out?

I was over at Monniblog yesterday, enjoying pics of Henry hanging around, and contemplating her query,
“I can’t tell if he’s relaxed or forlorn. Maybe you guys can lend some insight.” My little dog, Sasha, hangs around all the time. We find her in the most interesting places…
On the ottoman
Tucked into the corner with all the stuff
Snuggled into a single dog bed with Misty (where they hang out while I teach nearby)
Hanging on the arm of the sofa
And, one of her favorite places….On Daddy (or whoever is handy)
So, where do YOUR fur-babies hang out?



  1. My babes hang out on top of the couch where they can look out the window. At night Toby does just like your little Sasha, hangs over the arm chair.
    Cute pup
    Happy DOT
    Claudie from Canada

  2. She’s just darling. LOVE that pink belly up in the dog bed. (And yes, my fur-girls believe we’re lounges too. We like it that way.)

  3. What great pictures! 🙂 During the winter time, our cats mostly stay curled up on our bed.

  4. Though I don’t live with them anymore (still at my parents’ house) I remember funny places they all liked to “hang” (and quite literally for one).

    The older, but smaller, dog Chico the chihuahua can always be found under the computer desk or in the big computer chair. And if in the chair, he rarely let’s anyone sit down because he just won’t move. So funny!

    The other dog (such a sweetheart) Bear can be found under the couch or chair squished under something or other…and that’s pretty much it because he rarely stops moving. He’s still a puppy, barely 6 months.

    And my precious kitty cat Woody, he’s the one that likes to hang around. He has a chair that he’ll drap himself over. One side flopping off the chair the other on. Or you can find him on top of my brother’s stereo which is on top of his armoire. I don’t know how he does it, but he manages to get up there. And there is about 7 feet up!

    I miss my kitty…
    And your dogs are adorable!

  5. love the pics. My guys hang out anywhere as long as it’s under my feet

  6. Our wonderful little dog, Lady, likes to hang out either on a blanket in Billy’s room or under the desk in the living room. Our cats each hang out on the top of a different sofa and have completely smashed the sofa cushions in their favorite spots. Sometimes each of the animals will sleep in a box with a pillow in it that is in the living room. I’m surprised they’ve never fought over that spot. They just seem to have an understanding that if it is empty it is up for grabs. During warm weather if I have the front door open with the screen closed all the animals declare a truce and line up there by the screen door to watch the world go by and declare war on any dog or cat that dares walk in front of out house.

  7. Those photos are far too cute. I love the photo of her with the ball in her mouth. So adorable!! Fantastic photos, and I look forward to hearing more adorable stories.

  8. Eek!! Cutest pictures!!! Love them!!

    Well, when they are at my house, Puddles is laying by the patio door in the sun or on top of me. Pretty much the only two spots she likes (now at dad’s she outside…all. the. time. it could be raining and she’s still hanging out there!). Bailey, she likes her beds. She’s got two dog beds and then of course, my bed.

  9. What cute little dogs. My cat and 2 dogs surprise me all the time with the new places they find to lay around. I wanted a lap doggie but one of them got too big and the other just lays beside me hogging the chair. And forget about holding the cat. OK only for a minute if you are standing up.

  10. Heh, the answer to that one is, wherever she wants! But her fave spots are on a lap, one of the chairs in the library where she can supervise people reading or working on the computer, or on the footstool sitting next to the south facing window (yes, we put the footstool there, just for her- you can tell who is in charge of the household, right?!)

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