Posted by: scrabblequeen | January 16, 2009

Hot Tea Month, Week 3

January 15 – 21 Do you have a favorite tea source? Do you shop online or in a local store?

Good question! I do a little local shopping and a bit of online shopping for my teas. The closest place I know of which sells loose tea (my preference) is in the next town over. I occasionaly shop for tea in that town at the food co-op or at Cost Plus World Market. Both stores carry the Republic of Tea brand, but very few (if any) of the options are bag-less. The co-op has a fair selection of loose teas, but has no information about where they come from or what is in the blends. Also, I’m not so sure about freshness, so not my fav place to tea shop. I can get PG Tips at my local market, and Nugget carries Republic of Tea too, but sadly only in bags.

Sacramento has several nice tea shops which carry a variety of loose teas,including some very good ones,
however, I rarely make it to Sacramento these days.

My favorite teas are usually purchased online at Murchie’s, or,(also a great source for filters, and inexpensive pots) or Adagio, or…..see my tea page on “the rest of my site”.



  1. Well, Murchie’s must be tried then, since you and Monica recommend it, and I do believe that yummy pecan tea you gave me was from the englishteastore…

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