Posted by: scrabblequeen | January 12, 2009

New Goodies

So far, I haven’t mentioned any of the goodies I acquired during the holidays. It’s time to change that.

First, let me say I received NO yarn, NO knitting books, and NO LYS gift certificates! Harrumph. I did get two new books in the Knitting Mysteries series, so I can’t say I didn’t get anything knitting related.

But what I wanted to share with you was this:

A new teapot! Belinda found it and thought it matched a cup and saucer set that I already had, so she got it for me. How sweet. I do have a couple of cups that have that turquoise, but none that really “matched” the pot. However, check out this set which I purchased used ( a fun story in it’s own right) quite recently.
Don’t you think it’s a pretty close match to the pot? Same colors, both florals. Not identical patterns, but very similar indeed. Don’t you love “coincidences”?


  1. beautiful pieces, love them!!!

    Any winner in the contest yet?

  2. Beautiful, but that cup and saucer… I must know the pattern!

  3. Beautiful!

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