Posted by: scrabblequeen | January 10, 2009

National Tea Month, Week Two

January 8 – 14 Describe your perfect cuppa’ hot tea. If you’re like me and it depends, share as many different scenarios as you care to.

My perfect cuppa, what does it look like? Let’s start with the tea itself. Ideally my perfect cup of tea would come from a pot of steaming hot, black tea. My favorites are strong, black blends, like Ostfriesen or Irish Breakfast. I’d have just a small dollop of half and half in the bottom of my tea cup before pouring in the hot tea. Yes, a tea cup. Almost always. I like a thin edge to my cup, not a thick one. I do have a tea mug with a very thin edge that I use occaisionally, and which I will not allow coffee to be poured into!

My "Every Day" Cup

Other than the tea itself, my favorite cuppa can take on many different looks. A nice cup shared with Hubby Dearest or one of the sons is always special to me. Or a cup shared with a friend, or several friends is wonderful, too. Then there’s the cup sitting by my side while I read, knit, or catch-up on blogs or Ravelry. It’s all good. Tea is the ideal beverage for sipping on any occasion!

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  1. You have just put me in the mood for a cuppa in a pretty cup. I’ll choose Earl Grey today…

  2. Beautiful cup… And I like most breakfast teas!

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