Posted by: scrabblequeen | January 9, 2009

His Hat, Her Hat

It has been suggested to me that January is the month where one is able to knit whatever they wish to knit. Some bloggers are calling it “Me-uary” to really get that point across to the world. I suppose this might be the case if:

1. one had finished their holiday knitting in December

2. they didn’t have numerous family and friend birthdays in January, February, and March

3. they knew what they wanted to knit and had what it took to do it.

Just assume at least two of those three conditions don’t exist here.

I have been busy knitting hats since Christmas and Channukah. Wonderful, soft, warm hats made of Misti Alpaca Chunky. Yum.

A blue hat, in the Nottingham pattern for Him ( model is not the Him in question)
And another Fetching Inspired hat in creme for Her (same model disclaimer)
I love the way they turned out. I sure hope the Him and Her in question do too!

Currently on the needles: Tudor Grace for a soon-coming birthday.


  1. Nice hats and I love the scarf. Why do I want one of every scarf I see? I don’t have them but I want them. Too bad it isn’t freezing cold here where I live.

  2. Very pretty! I’m sure they’ll love them – how could they not?!

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