Posted by: scrabblequeen | January 5, 2009

Loose Ends


Yes, I did throw out, donate, or otherwise get rid of at least 50 things before January 1, 2009. I just didn’t post about it….yet. 🙂

16-25 Ten books (to used book store for credits)

26. two old, but never used, calendars (to Bonita for crafting)

27. Shrek Two Road Trip coloring games book

28. kiddie version DDR game (to Trina)

29. 3-tiered plate set (not happy with it)

30-31. tw0 big boxes of assorted junk

32. old dog bed

33. Rose Art Magnetix Mosaix

34. tapestry tote bag

35-41. purses I won’t use again

42. two rusty baking pans

43. one rice bag (smells burnt when heated)

44. pair of muddy, ripped-out jeans (found on someone’s bookshelf!!!)

45. water pistol

46. wind-up fish toy

47. whistle/magnifier

48. fishy key fob

49. dead plastic compass

50. red super ball

51. six cd’s

52. Polaroid camera

And countless other things I forgot to write down as they were tossed into bags, boxes, or toters to be taken AWAY FROM HERE.

Conclusion: this is just a tiny drop in the bucket of what needs to happen. Sigh.



  1. Congrats! I’m still donating things… I came home with a bunch of clothes I bought over the holidays so I’m getting rid of some of the tops and pants I don’t wear.

  2. I’m keeping on too, but quit blogging about it; keeping track became impossible when the Knight got on board!

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