Posted by: scrabblequeen | January 2, 2009

Blogiversary # 2!

Wow. It’s pretty hard for me to believe it’s really been two years since Amy talked me into/helped me
set-up this blog. I’d like to do something special for those of you who have been hanging around a while. I don’t want to use the “C” word and get every Thom, Dick, and Harriet out in blogland descending on the place, so this is the plan.

1. You can play if you’ve ever left a comment here before (I have ways of checking)

2. Leave a comment with a list of all the places I travelled to this calendar year. (I found at least 14 places)
May be a city, state, country, event, or place which is not exactly any of the above mentioned. I’m not
counting any place which is not at least an hour away from here. So, no Sacramento,
no Davis, etc. If in doubt, include it. I won’t count it against you!

3. Let me know how you would like to be “treated” if you were to be a winner.

4. All those who correctly identify all of the locations in question (or those who find the most) will get an entry into a random number drawing.

5. I haven’t decided how many winners there will be….yet!

6. You get a entire week plus a day to complete this task. ( midnight Jan. 11) 🙂

Please email your guesses to “the scrabble queen” (all one word) at (use symbol) hotmail dot com


  1. Happy Blogiversary!! Count me in… but wait until I get home and have time to blog-hunt okay? I fly home tomorrow (*pouts*)

  2. Whew. I don’t have time today – or tomorrow – to look for them all, but I did get about half that number off the top of my head…

  3. i sent you an email with all of my ideas of where you have been!!! Happy Blogiversary

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