Posted by: scrabblequeen | January 1, 2009

The “REAL” National Tea Month

After I posted the link to the Tea Association’s website for the National Month of Hot Tea, I went back to the site and read the whole article. I was disgusted that their whole purpose for the month was to help retailers up their sales of tea, especially the more expensive varieties. Channon and I were discussing how sad this was, and we came up with a plan. We could do better. (well she could, anyway)

I’d love to say we, but really Chan has done all the work, have set up a Mr Linky on the Knit One, Tea Two site where we’d like to encourage all of you tea lovers to go and link up your tales of tea. Channon has come up with a theme for each week of January. (she is sooo clever)

So, here’s my first entry in Knit One, Tea Two, Two.

January 1 – 7 Please share your favorite hot tea memories with me. Who introduced you to hot tea?

I first remember having hot tea with my friend Jane’s mother at her home in Thousand Oaks, CA, where I lived from the time I was 4 until I was 18. Dulcie was a former Air Force wife (hubby had gone into private sector by then) who had grown up on the East Coast (Bedford, Mass) and lived for a number of years in Germany (Wiesbaden) and was a tea lover. She introduced me to Bigelow’s Constant Comment, a very nice black tea with orange and spice. Yum. I still love it. She had a tea kettle and a teapot! No one else I knew at that time had or used either item.

Nearly simultaneously, my friend Naomi shared hot tea with me, too. We were all in Junior High together, kind of a Three Musketeers thing going on. Naomi’s family was Japanese. Tea looked quite different at her house than it looked at Jane’s, but it was still a good thing.

When I was a lonely Freshman at UCD, I received my first teapot of my very own in a care package from Dulcie, along with a box of Constant Comment, of course. Needless to say, she is someone I hold very dear in my memories. Maybe I should Google her, and let her know how much her gift still means to me today.

Now it’s your turn. Go to your blog, write out your tea story, then go link up with Mr. Linky!


  1. Psft. You had the idea and I simply fleshed it out!

    Love Constant Comment. It was one of Nannie’s favorites…

  2. Of course I am in!!

  3. […] * * Hi all. I’ve decided to run the Hot Tea Month Blog-A-Thon again this year (2010) Last year my dear Channon hosted along with me, and we used the old Knit One, Tea Two site for our home […]

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