Posted by: scrabblequeen | December 30, 2008

Holiday Photo Bloopers

LIsa at Stop and Smell The Chocolate had this on her blog with a link over to Real Life, where Sarah has a Mr. Linky so we can all participate too.

Here’s what to do, and then I’ll show you some of mine.

1. So, it’s time to dig up those photos, and post them on your blog!
2. Link to this post.
3. Come back and sign the Mr Linky with the url (permalink) of your individual post.
4. Then leave a comment saying which of these photos you like the best!

I took very few photos this year, so I went into the archives and found….

2006 Confused Santa!

2006 Confused Santa!


2006 Hairy Santa

2006 Hairy Santa

I want to see your bloopers, too. Please play along!


  1. I don’t know that I have any real holiday photos… ??

    Love confused santa!

  2. He had way too much fun posing for that… Heh.

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