Posted by: scrabblequeen | December 26, 2008

Christmas Scenes

Here are a few sights and scenes from our Christmas this year.
Christmas Eve tends to look much the same from year to year for our familially challenged household. The Holiday officially begins at six o’clock in the evening with our Church’s annual Christmas Eve service. It’s just a little thing, only about an hour long, but I love it so much. We sing Carols, we hear The Story, we have beautiful little lights all around. We sing Silent Night at the end, while holding candles.

When the service is over, we spend a few minutes (15-30) visiting with friends before everyone drives off to their own celebrations. Then we pile into the car and go for our traditional Christmas Lights Drive. This allows us to see all the pretty and/or spectacular displays around town, and gives our lasagna plenty of time to finish cooking!

This is one of my favorite displays this year, it’s just a bit down the street from us. It’s even prettier “in person”.


Due to various facts, we don’t have a “real” tree this year. Now, by “real” I don’t mean live; I mean we don’t have a full-sized decorated tree in the house. Usually we have three trees. One “big” tree, meaning at least 5 feet tall, one “chick” tree ,( my personal 3 foot tree) and one mini-tree (under 2 feet tall). The mini tree is in my Sunday School classroom at church, no big tree, so this year only my chick tree is up.

Why is it a “chick tree”? I put only the ornaments my friends have given me which are “girlie” in some way on this tree. And white lights, only white lights. (the big tree gets colored lights) Can you see all the pretty teapots and cup and saucers on my tree? Can you see the sweet crocheted snowflake Grace sent me?


I was quite late getting the decorations up this year, so I only have two of my manger scenes set up, both in the entry hall right by the tree.


See the cute pics of my brother and I, circa 1960 something?

The other nativity is a little self-contained scene made from clay. All of the pieces are fixed inside the little cave. A friend gave me this many years ago. It from somewhere in South America, but I can no longer remember all the details.


I don’t decorate the whole house. It would take too much time and frankly, the men don’t care. I concentrate on the front of the house, which includes the entry, the living room, and the dining room. This year the lovely little Christmas Quilt wall hanging I bought from Heart Craft graces the wall of the dining room, while the Menorah sits in the center of the table, and the cards are displayed on the wall between the entry and the dining room. I did a simple bit of color on the mantle…


…..And put five of my favorite Christmas globes and light-up musical “things” on the piano.

We had a wonderful day which started with just the four of us (not six this year, sigh) having Jeremy’s favorite breakfast of Biscuits and Gravy. Stockings were examined, dishes were done, and then the presents were opened.


At one O’clock, Wayne and Belinda came over to share Christmas Day with us. We had high hope of a few games played and a few songs sung, but somehow we didn’t quite get around to it all.


A little later Bonnie and Mr. TechKnuckle joined us.


I loved having two other women to visit with and share the cooking with. This is a rare treat for me! We had a fabulous dinner with turkey and ham and all the fixin’s. Later on, (much later) when we had recovered, we had a plethora of pies to choose from for dessert. Coffee and tea and good company, what more could I ask for on this special day? ( we also lighted candle number 5 tonight) 🙂

Now that it is after midnight, I’d better wish you all a Merry Christmas, and get myself off to bed!


  1. Sounds quite lovely! We normally have at least two trees, but had NONE this year.

  2. Aw I love the sound of your chick tree! My dad has always had ornament monopoly with his Disney collector ornaments. So I have no where to put mine and some years when I was little I would have a teeeny tree (aka branch). hehe 🙂

  3. And may your New Year be happy!

  4. Sounds like a lovely time! I love your chick tree – what a great idea!

    Thank you for the offer of handmade things for my baskets – another Etsy policy is that the items must be made by the seller! I discovered that food items seem to be allowed on Etsy, so I am considering making biscotti and homemade drink mixes to add to all the baskets. What do you think?

  5. Sounds lovely! Happy new year.

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