Posted by: scrabblequeen | December 17, 2008

The Christmas Tea, Part II

Me, Donna, Bev, Stephanie, and Pam

Me, Donna, Bev, Stephanie, and Pam

First, I’d like to say, “I made it” ! The fact that it was just barely doesn’t take away from the fact, not even a little bit. Second, we had a (sad) last minute drop-out. Bonnie called me just as I was heading out the door to pick her up from work to say…..I can’t go! It was too sad. Seems her boss had to take his daughter to the airport, another guy didn’t show up for work, and a third person was home being very sick. In a small business, that is enough to change the best laid plans. Le sigh. We missed you Bonita… a whole bunch.

The remaining five of us scooted out to Sacramento to arrive just in time for our 2 O’clock reservation at A Cup Of Tea. The shop was cute, and very nicely decorated for Christmas, too. Our table was right in front of a large, lovely Christmas tree and the table setting, which I never did get a photo of, was lovely, too. We all had gold chargers and ruby red cut-glass tumblers for our water.

The “great” part stopped right there. Although the tea shop was not particularly busy, (there were no more than four tables of ladies while we were there, and often fewer) the service was incredibly slow. Example: we had arranged for the “Light Afternoon Tea” in advance, so we had only to each choose which tea we wanted in order to be ready to eat. Our tea orders were not taken until we had waited for half an hour, and our food did not arrive at the table until 3 O’clock! We were all quite hungry by then as no one had had lunch (and some not breakfast). GRRR.

We did have a wonderful time just catching up with each other. We don’t get to see one another as often as we used to, so there was much to tell and more to hear! It was so good to be back together again!

The RED group (I didn’t get that memo, neither did Bev, apparently)

Donna, Pam, Steph

Donna, Pam, Steph

And a picture of Pam, not that she is more special than the rest of you gals, just that this one shows the pretty tree in the background!


I took one last picture before we left….I cracked Donna and Bev up when I came running out of the restroom to grab my camera, and headed right back in! There was a great Tea Quilt in there, silly. (what were you thinking?)


Oh, by the way, Stephanie and I DID play Scrabble on Sunday evening. I’m still The Queen. 🙂


  1. Glad you made it. What a great name for a tearoom. Too bad the service was under par on your day but glad y’all filled in the time with some good conversation :0)

  2. Love that quilt. Wonder what the problem was with the service… ??

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