Posted by: scrabblequeen | December 6, 2008

It Must Be December

You know it’s December when….

1. It is only the 6th and you are exhausted.

2. Your mail box(es) are full of advertisments.

3. You are committed to something every Friday and Saturday evening for weeks

4. Your brother, sister, sister-in-law, and dog all have birthdays.

5. ALL of the neighbors have tons of lights and Christmas decor up in their yards.

6. You just can’t knit fast enough to get done all that needs done.

7. There are “Craft Faires” everywhere.

8. Toy drives, coat drives, food drives.

9. Fog…Dense, long-lasting, and daily/nightly

10. Your students (and you) are counting the days until Holiday Break!!



  1. Yes! Only it’s husband, sister and sister’s dog with birthdays, inlaw’s anniversary, and those are just the BEFORE Christmas ones!

  2. our anniversary, 2 niece birthdays, son birthday, sil birthday and father in law birthday, and then son’s anniversary—-plus Christmas???/

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