Posted by: scrabblequeen | December 2, 2008

She Knits?

Since the Christmas Stocking, the only thing I’ve knit worth talking about has been a scarf. I’ve knit several hats and dishcloths as well since then, but seriously, nothing to grab the attention of the public.

But the scarf….ahhhh….I LOVE the scarf!

Pattern: Ingrid’s Birthday Scarf      MMalabrigo Silky DK in the Cloudy Sky colorway. Size 9 Clover bamboo straights.

If I had been working just on the scarf it would be done by now. Pattern is a 4 row repeat, with rows 1 & 3 being purl rows. (easy peasy)

The onlything I’ve modified is:  1.  Added four stitches to do the “Tidy Edges” (applied I-cord edge) and

2.  reduced total number of stitches to do three repeats across instead of four.

It’s soft, it’s silky, the color is gorgeous! I wantss it! But it’s not for me.




  1. It’s quite lovely! I think I need some Malabrigo Silky…

  2. Very pretty scarf. Maybe you should make it again for you.

  3. oh i love that! it’s beautiful…color, pattern, mods, everything…so sorry it’s not to be yours…oh well, another one for you maybe in ruthuary!

  4. I love that lace pattern! And the interplay between needle size, yarn, and pattern–very nicely done.

  5. It’s beautiful, I’d have a hard time givin it up too. Love the xmas look!

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