Posted by: scrabblequeen | November 26, 2008



Just thought I’d check in with a little report about how my adventures in de-cluttering are going.
Saturday I attacked the bedroom closet…again. I’d just dumped a huge pile of stuff from here in the spring when we got the room re-carpeted, but it was still a rich field for Things Which Need To Go Away.

1.Three, count ’em, three different boxes of various editions of old Print Shop software and books
2. Windows ME upgrade kit
3. Windows ME For Dummies Book
4. Magni-Pix VGA Digital Camera/Binoculars
5. Imaging Excellence T-Shirt (brand new, size M, which no one here wears)
6. Pair of Shrek coloring book and sticker fun book (new)
7. Star Trek 3-D puzzle
8. Silk Shirt from Indonesia (hubby has never like the fit)
9. Clogs, new, brown suede….Oh Trina….!
10. 4 skirts. One into trash, three to donate
11. night gown
12. Pajamas
13.pair of new hiking boots (already in their new home)
14. 6 Mad Libs books (also in new home)
15. Star Trek Communiacator, Collector’s Edition (gifted)

Several additional items are just waiting for me to assess where they will end up (donate or trash)
That was just one, recently cleaned-out closet. Wait ’till I get to the office/junk room! That will yield 50 items per hour!


  1. Congrats! I cleaned out the refrigerator Monday night. Does that count?

  2. Awesome!! All those old software discs and manuals tend to stick around much longer than the appliances last eh?

  3. Re 9: Oh? What size?
    Re 6: I know some people who would find those amusing.

    Congrats on the first 15! Good luck with the rest!

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