Posted by: scrabblequeen | November 21, 2008

Apple Hill

* Long post warning. Go get a cuppa!

As promised, the fullApple Hill post, complete with too many pictures.

So, remind me, what was the date last Saturday? Right. Middle of November. So Hubby Dearest and I, and Wayne and Belinda got in the car and drove up past Placerville, to the little town of Camino, neslted in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Okay, so, Mid-November, 3000 ft of elevation, and….it was 80 degrees out! Sheesh, my reason for going, in the first place, was to enjoy and to get photos of the beautiful Fall foliage. Fall? What fall?

Luckily, in spite of the warmth of the day and the crowds (who was expecting crowds this late in the season?) We did find some nice color and a few treats, as well. My freezer now holds two lovely pies, waiting to be baked fresh, by me, at a “more convenient” time. I’ve got a Caramel Apple Crunch and a Sour Cream Apple Berry, both from High Hill Ranch. Yum. The other three all got carmel apples from the Fudge Factory and then we later stopped at Kids Inc. for a Walking Apple Pie with cider sauce. Sigh, sob, and boo hoo. They were out, due to the unexpectedly large crowds, but I made due with a French Crumb Apple pie with cider sauce. C’est la vie, eh?

High Hill ranch wasn’t our only stop on The Hill. It was, however, the only place which still had crafters selling their wares. I wasn’t there for crafts, so went on to other stops in search of fall foliage.

Our next stop wasn’t at a numbered stop on the trail. I just saw a good place for pictures and pulled into the conveniently located “viewing” spot. Situated on a corner, with vinyards, Christmas Tree orchards, and more all in view, this was a pleasant surprise for our guests, who were new to Apple Hill and didn’t know all the kinds of things to be found there.

The Christmas Tree Farm (apple in background, vinyards out of sight to the left)


We continued down the road to the next stop, Apple Ridge, I think, too see the little train which goes around Cider Lake or Lakes, as there are two of them, seperated by a few feet of land. My kids used to get a big kick out of riding this train when they were little.


I also got a nice picture of the lake with reflections of the trees.


Oh! I forgot the ducks. This pair was enjoying the pond at High Hill Ranch, in spite of all the little fishermen hanging around.


Laresen’s Apple Barn is always closed on Saturday (Seventh Day Adventists) but we still got a nice shot of the bright red barn with the water wheel in the background.


But, the best colors and pictures of the day were found at our last stop, Boeger Winery. That’s where the unattended kids sign was, too.
Here we gazed in awe at the tree with gorgeous bronze leaves


And several little trees with multi-colored leaves were showing off their fall spirit.


The little pond just outside the Tasting Room was spectacuar. I’ll need two pictures to give you a good view of this little beauty.



And to finish off this photo essay, the view as one enters/exits the winery property.
(Yes, we did taste a little and buy a little Hangtown Gold)



  1. Oh, beautiful!

  2. With your comment over at my place on the same topic I thought I would drop by. How Web 2.0 of us.

    I thought the change of season this time of year meant colder temps, not mini-heat waves in the autumn.

    You have some nice nature pictures. You probably noticed mine were more on the “high calorie” side.

    This is my first visit here (thanks to your comment) and ironically my younger daughter and wife are playing scrabble and knitting in the next room.

    Oh wait: they say they are crocheting. (There’s a difference? – asked the clueless dad person.)

  3. Looks like an awesome way to spend a fall day!! My brother and SIL go every year! I may have to go with them next year as it looks like so much fun 🙂

  4. GORGEOUS! Looks like you guys had tons of fun!

  5. Beautiful! That camera and you make a great team.

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