Posted by: scrabblequeen | November 16, 2008

Signs Of The Times

This is not the full Apple Hill post. Here are a few things seen yesterday. Look closely, read carefully to fully enjoy!


Kids with caramel apples

Kids with caramel apples

Land of the Fruits and Nuts?

California Hysterical Landmark??

California Hysterical Landmark??

My favorite sign of the day! Seriously, there were kids (without parents) hanging around this sign. When we came back a bit later, the one little girl (same from first time there) had chocolate all over her hands and face. I didn’t see a puppy….

Due Warning Given

Due Warning Given


  1. Oh, yum!! I’m so hungry now.

    We have a local coffee place that says unattended kids get free espresso to go with their free kittens.

  2. LOL… A friend on Ravelry has a ravatar that says shot of espresso and a free puppy…

  3. Hey, you sailed on by me. Hope you had fun at Apple Hill. I’ve never seen the hysterical sign, but it cracks me up… CA has so many historical markers, which is good, but sometimes humorous because of the number and signs naming roadways after dead people! Did you purposefully leave a kid alone so you could get a new puppy? :o)

    Thanks for stopping by my new blog today!

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