Posted by: scrabblequeen | November 6, 2008

Abby and Ella Go To The Beach

My friend Steph has been kind enough to send some newer pictures of her lovely girls Abby and Ella. They all made a trip to the beach. But first, here is our “little” Abby, all grown up now!


Isn’t she a wonderful example of her breed? (Newfoundland) Abby is just about a year old. She still has weight to put on. She’s actually quite thin under that fluffy coat of hers.

Abby at the beach.


And then there’s “little” Ella. Her gorgeous coat isn’t easy to see in all this sunshine. 4 months old, Ella is a Great Dane/St Bernard mix. (such a sweetie)


And finally, the two girls hanging out together at the beach. Abby is a good “big sister”.


I DO have dogs of my own, but I figure they don’t change much from week to week, so a little variety is good!



  1. Sniff, sniff… *I* wanna go to the beach! I want to see Gretchen in the sand and surf.

    Those girls are beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  2. OOO, Newfies!!! So cuddly!

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