Posted by: scrabblequeen | October 17, 2008

T is for…..

TEA, of course!


  1. What else! 😀

  2. Of course “T” is for tea! Are these your new teas?

  3. Ya beat me to it… and I had the EXACT same line “TEA of course” hahah its in my drafts… so I gotta post it soon! That tea chest is TOO CUTE.

    Do you guys get PGTips in the states… or did you bring that back from UK? We don’t get it in Canada… but if you’re ever here, DON’T have Red Rose. Ugh it’s Canadian but it’s crap.

    Actually, if you make it up here, we should go for tea at either The Empress in Victoria (if you haven’t been before, but i think you said you have) OR my favourite little tea house here in Vancouver.

  4. And, do you have a favorite (or three)?

  5. Makes me feel better about my tea stash…

  6. Tipsy Tea Totalling! Now I need to go make another cuppa…..

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