Posted by: scrabblequeen | October 16, 2008

Dogs, On Thursday Even!

I am not a regular participant of DOT, but it’s what I have today, so I’m going for it! I do feel some guilt that I have only one picture of Misty, but it’s like this: black dogs are hard to phototgraph well.

Misty, asking what I’m doing taking pictures of Sasha again.

What's up?

What's up?

Sasha (our little Princess) in HER bed

And peeking her little head out of bed…

And draped over the arm of the sofa….

And, in full Princess mode on the pillow, on the couch, with her ball(pacifier) Good thing these dogs aren’t at all spoiled!



  1. Misty, meet Fred.


  2. More, more!!! And that IS a great photo of Misty!

  3. How cute are they!!! Bailey and Puddles would love hanging out with Misty and Sasha!!

  4. It looks like they have a rough life! :o)

  5. Oh they are sooooooo cute. They look like cuddlers! THanks for the cheery pup post

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