Posted by: scrabblequeen | October 13, 2008

Quiz Time

I’ve not had time for a photo session for the lovely yarn yet, so here is a little something to tide you over until such a time occurs.

I wanted to do the “Are You a Jackie or a Marilyn?” quiz, which I found on Channon’s blog, but as so often happens, I couldn’t find the silly quiz on the website. While searching for it, I found this quiz, was intrigued, and took it instead. Having run out of time to search for the other one, I offer this in it’s place. A substitute for my substitute!

Your result for The What Greek God Are You Test


You are most like Hephaestus, (Vulcano to Romans) the god of fire and craft!

Hephaestus was a patron of blacksmiths. Hardworking, incredibly clever, though a bit of a loner. Known for forging incredible gifts and clever traps. Achilles’ armour at the battle Troy is attributed to him, as is Pandora’s Box. Unfortunately, while he was off toiling, his beautiful wife Aphrodite was cheating on him with Ares. So while you’re into making things and are a straightforward genuine person, don’t forget to pay attention to your loved ones from time to time!

Take The What Greek God Are You Test at HelloQuizzy

Doesn’t he look just like me? (wink)


  1. Hrmph. Got him too. Why did they ask my gender if they were going to assign me any ol’ god anyway?

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