Posted by: scrabblequeen | October 8, 2008


Hubby Dearest brought in the mail today just as I was starting my lunch break. I asked the usual, “anything good in there?” Much to my surprise he said yes. A white, padded envelope bearing my name sat nestled amid the assorted ads and junk mail.

I wasn’t expecting anything….but look what Grace sent! I entered her birthday contest and didn’t win, but won anyway.

Isn’t that a beautiful Fall dishcloth? And a nice Fall themed note, too. And me needing new dishcloths just now, too. Now that’s a surpise I can appreciate! Thanks Grace. 🙂



  1. Those dishcloths are pretty! How nice to get a surprise like that!

  2. How cool! Grace is a dear.

  3. So very pretty, and so very Grace. She’s very kind, isn’t she?

  4. Wow! What a generous lady. That is a beautiful dishcloth – isn’t it nice to get something besides a bill in the mail!?

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