Posted by: scrabblequeen | October 7, 2008

In A Rut?

It seems like I’ve been knitting the same thing over and over again lately. Hats. Pumpkin hats even. Even so, I had to knit another one. I was worried that the first hat, from the Comfort Dk, it was pretty small. So, with the remainder of the ball of orange Cascade 220 I cast on again, and made pumpkin hat # 4. It’s just like the first Cascade hat, only smaller. But no too small.

Turns out it’s a good thing I did make a bigger one. Little Easton was born 9/29 and was 8 lbs 6 oz. I really do think he needs the extra room!

I finished the Birthday Cowl, and without taking a single picture, frogged it! It just kept rolling….ugh. Did not look nice at all. I re-wound the super soft, pettable Baby Alpaca and made a Fetching Inspired Hat.

Although the Alpaca is rated as “Bulky” it didn’t really get the gauge needed to make the hat adult sized, even following the directions and making a few adjustments. I love how it looks, but it’s just a tad small for an adult. Some lucky kid is gonna score big.

Then, I needed to knit something or go crazy, but I didn’t know what… I knit a dishcloth! I hardly ever do that anymore. I was not wanting to make a picture cloth, or anything I needed to conastantly see a pattern for….and I found this. A diagonal knit cloth which starts and end as a Grandma’s Favorite, but takes a turn in the middle. It’s reall quite large…I hope it’s not too holey for good use.

And finally, I started another….you guessed it….hat! I’m using the Malabrigo Seleccion Privada I bought at Stitches West. It’s another Fetching Inspired Hat, this time adjusted for worsted weight yarn. I love, love, love this yarn! Funny thing about it is, it reminds me of something….
and today I figured out what.

Seleccion Privada

And….Lorna’s Laces “vera”

Notice anything?



  1. Well, at least SOMEONE has FOs… They’re great! Love that Malabrigo colorway. The Lorna’s appears to have more tan in it, or is it my monitor?

  2. Sometimes, you just gotta finish a bunch of quick projects! The alpaca hat looks just squishable- lucky kid indeed.

    What was the red and white yarn? It’s very cheerful!

  3. Wow you’re on a roll!!

    Those yarns look like Neopolitan ice cream. YUM!

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