Posted by: scrabblequeen | October 6, 2008

New Look

You’ve probably noticed the “new look” by now…seeing as you’re here an all. I was ready for a change, although I got more than I bargained for! WordPress has eaten my custom header, and so far, won’t give it back. I grrrr in their general direction that the header, nicely saved in my files, is now giving me a “security risk” message when I try to upload it. Sigh. My wonderful computer guru, Amy, is very busy,or it would be back by now. Conclusion: don’t ever get bored around anything having to do with computers or you will end up worse off. I’m a slow learner, I guess…. 😦


  1. Aw, that stinks : ( I can definitely relate to blog woes!! I hope you get back your header soon!

  2. Bad, bad WordPress.

    But hey, at least it’s leaving me alone at the moment…

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