Posted by: scrabblequeen | September 30, 2008

Done, Da Done, Done, Done!

I’m a little behind with the knitting news, so you might need a nice cuppa nearby to make it through this post.

I already showed you the little pumpkin hat I (mostly) knit from Comfort Dk on the way out to PA, so I’ll pick up with the other two pumpkin hats. Both of these were made from Cascade 220 Heathers color # 9444 and a nice heathered green. I don’t have the ball band anymore as it’s leftovers from my first-ever felted purse, which was knit pre-blog.

The first one I cast on 80 stitches, size 8 Addis and just knit until the leaf part. It’s my favorite of the three.

The second hat I cast on 88 stitches (still size 8 Addis) and did a K7, P1 per Trina’s suggestion. Each purl channel ran right into the point of a leaf.

At this time, I expect all three hats to go to one family. One for the soon-coming baby, and one each for big brother and biggest sister. (both under 6) Don’t they make a cute family?

Besides the Pumpkin hats, I also finished a pair of fingerless mittens while on my travels. I used the Wristlets pattern by Kathy North. The pair of ’em used less than one ball of Lily Chin Park Avenue, a merino/alpaca mix. I like how easy her gusset thumb is to make; looks great, too.

The project I was working on when I left for the East was a Crofter’s Cowl, knit with the remainder of my MMalabrigo worsted in Amazones. As usual, I could not leave well enough alone, so if you look in my Ravelry projects, you will see this listed as a mostly Crofter’s Cowl. I improvised a ruffled bottom and did fewer total repeats than the pattern called for. I had neither the yarn nor the patience to knit two parts and graft them together!

Sorry I don’t have a better photograph. Every time I was with someone who could model the cowl, I didn’t have my camera!

Last in the FO line-up…..drum roll please….is the Star Doily Blanket version Deux. Cascade 220 in a beautiful teal (sorry no number at this moment) on size 9 Addi Lace 40 inch cable needle. Finished: late Sunday night, blocked yesterday. Sigh,still need weaving in done.

Color is bad in the finished pics, so to remind you pretty it really is….

All done

The edge

And, I’m happy to say, no puckering at all in the center this time!

And, if you’ve made it this far, you shall be rewarded! Today is Grace’s birthday, and she is having a contest. So please, pop on over and wish her a happy one, and join the fun.


  1. I love the pearl ridge on the hat, and the star turned out beautifully. All of your FOs are quite lovely!

  2. ooh pretty pretty knitting! love those lil’ punkin hats. warm cute practical wristlets . i’m still not sold on cowls/smoke rings but that’s a pretty colorway and i know it’s soft and cozy! and your star blanket. love it. just love it.
    too bad about the ‘bots eating the scrabulous. sigh. guess we’ll find a pick up game somewhere else sometime.
    have a great day and wow lady…you sure do a lotta traveling!

  3. What a wonderful collection.

    I wish my sponge monkeys weren’t too old for these kind of hats. But no, they would not find them joyful at all.

    I love the star, beautiful and elegant in execution as well as design.

  4. The blanket really turned out nice!!

  5. Oh, fun! And do they all get to be jack-o-lanterns together for Halloween?

  6. Is that the same blanket you were working on last week? It’s gorgeous! Whatever happened with the test swatch?

    What do you think of the pumpkin lines?

  7. Your star doily blanket looks great! I’m making a pin wheel blanket and I like to see how others have edged other round blankets. Yours is an edging I haven’t seen yet, and I quite like it!

  8. The blanket is cute and whoa what a difference in colors in the pictures! Cute pumpkin patch too!

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