Posted by: scrabblequeen | September 28, 2008

Odds N Ends

Okay, I’m supposed to try to finish up the stories from last week’s trip to the East Coast.

The Wedding. First, who got married? Melinda is the daughter of our very good friends James and Elizabeth. If anything had happened to her folks, Melinda would have become our daughter. We love them all very much, and so totally forgive them for keeping their daughter to themselves!

We were to drive from our friend’s house to Hershey the morning of the wedding with the bride’s father, brother, and cousins. We were told to leave by 10 am, which would have had us arriving (under normal circumstances) at about noon, in plenty of time for a 2 o’clock ceremony.

First, cousin forgot his wallet, which we had to turn around and go get because he was due to fly out after the wedding without ever going back to the house. You can’t fly without your ID these days, so back we went. Did I mention we hadn’t left until 10:30 to start with?

So, we got the wallet and started out again. I doubt we went 10 miles before we hit the road construction. I am not exaggerating; it took over an hour to go barely over a mile! There was NO WAY out! Needless to say, Dad was getting a tad concerned about the time. Once we cleared the construction and associated traffic jam, Dad drove like a bat outta maniac to get us to Hershey in time for the wedding. Have I ever mentioned that I am a very nervous passenger? As in BAD passenger, under normal circumstances. Needless to say, I had my eyes closes a lot, did lots of slow, deep breathing, and prayed for the safety of all concerned. I did not want Melinda’s big day to be marked/marred by tragedy.

We arrived in Hershey at 2:00. Long story short, we couldn’t find the Lodge, even with the help of TomTom. 45 minutes later, we were still not “THERE”. Luckily, at that point, the groom got on the phone and guided us to the Hershey Gardens, where the wedding was on hold waiting for us to arrive. We changed in the bathrooms right there in the park, and ran on down to the rose garden….where a lovely couple was married without further ado. Whew!

Here are Mom, Dad, and lovely Bride

After that, things went very well. We followed someone back to the lodge for the reception, which included cocktails and hours’douvers, dinner, and dancing. When all of that fun was over, we went up to our room to crash. However, once I had my nice comfy robe on, the phone rang. It was the rest of the family wanting us to come across the hall to play cards for a while. Needless to say, we went…and Hubby Dearest was the only one NOT already in sleep/loungewear. LOL…what a truly sweet day it turned out to be…once we cleared those silly little hurdles like traffic jams and being lost.

Last things about my visit to Channon. Here is the beautiful teacup and saucer with which she gifted me, and the special Tea blossom too.

And no, we did NOT miss the opportunity to visit one of the local yarn stores. We did make a last minute (just before closing time) dash into the nice shop on the downtown mall (who’s name escapes me). Channon bought some yummy Cascade sock yarn in gorgeous greens for a project she has planned, and I bought only one skein of Cascade 220 Heathers. (can you believe that?) I bought a bright, happy, fall-y orange for more pumpkin hats. I like the new orange much better than the Kidz Orange of the Comfort DK.

The Comfort Pumpkin hat (newborn size)

The Cascade Heathers orange

I’ve already finsihed one hat with the Cascade and have a second one nearly done. Those pictures will have to wait for another day. Must sleep…busy day ahead.



  1. Whoa. I would have been sweating up a storm when I finally got to that wedding! Glad you arrived and had a good time. The tea cup is so pretty and the little pumpkin hat is too darn cute!!

  2. beautiful photos I can relate to the wedding near fiasco, when my brother remarried about 8 years ago, It rained like hell, Debb was a reader at the wedding, Jeannie and attendent Rob the photographer, We couldn’t get there no way out of town due to road floods and cave ins etc. We finally got there just as the married couple exited the building, luckily the reception was in a winery and we drowned our sorrows quite nicely!!

  3. Lovely wedding photo! Again, I’m so glad you included a stop in my neck of the woods.

  4. When my brother re-enlisted for “life” it was on the USS Constitution and they went through a similar experience like that in Boston which reportedly has some of the worst driving in the US. My Mom was car sick and my niece threw up on my SIL and Amazingly they made it through it all and had a really lovely day.

    Glad you got there okay and didn’t “kill” the driver! LOL

    The teacup is gorgeous and the pumpkin hat is cute!

  5. Yowsers! Glad you made it!

    When my brother got married years ago, we had a 13-hour drive and small children. I bought construction paper, kid scissors, crayons, etc to keep them occupied, and you know what my son did: he cut his hair in the back seat. Fun photo time!

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