Posted by: scrabblequeen | September 23, 2008

I’m Back!

I’m home, but too tired to tell all the good stuff which needs telling. Will try in the morning if life allows.

For now, roses from the rose garden at Hershey Park Gardens, in Pennsylavania.

As always, click on picture to “embiggen”. Can you find the bee? Leave a comment and I’ll put your name in a drawing for some yarn-y or Tea-y goodness. Please identify which you would like to win.


  1. The bee is in rose #5 right in the middle. I would love to win yarn goodness!

  2. I think I see it in Rose 5. I clicked on all the Roses and they are beautiful! I can’t believe they still look that good this late in the year. I LOVE Roses.
    If I’m chosen it doesn’t matter what I get, I will be blessed either way.I enjoy your blog. Although a little jealous of your wonderful trips. Some day

  3. That little bee sure is busy working! I love yarn AND tea – don’t make me choose! 🙂

  4. I think it’s in the middle of Rose 5 (and if I’m right I’d love a chance to win something yarn-y).

    I think Rose 4 is really pretty.

  5. i think its in the middle photo and I’d be happy with either prize

  6. Rose #5? They’re simply beautiful. I’ll have to take my laptop outside and see if I can inspire my roses… (and either would be fine as a prize!)

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