Posted by: scrabblequeen | September 1, 2008

Now What?

Guess what I was given yesterday? A somewhat familiar padded mailing envelope…inside? The $100 Scarf!! Oh no! This silly thing was mailed out months ago, in such as a way as to keep my name and address private, but with a real return address just in case there was a delivery problem.

Apparantly the address Mr. Airplane Guy gave me was wrong. The street exists, but not that specific house number. The package was returned to my friend’s church, then to my friend, and through her daughter to my other friend’s daughter, to another friend, and finally to me! Whew..

Now What?


  1. I’d say, you tried. Not your fault his address was wrong.

  2. oh my that is so suprising, send out a note with a message address correction needed and see if it comes back with his correct address, I did this once to trace a corrupt CPA that took our money, it works, even though the address was partially correct the post office sent me the correct info because i asked for it

  3. Oh no!!! Have you tried googling him? You’ll have to tell us what you end up doing with the scarf.

  4. Uh-oh…

  5. Grace had a good idea. Unless he has a “John Smith” type of name, you might look up the address on line. Perhaps a number was transposed. You might find the same name and street with the correct number.

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