Posted by: scrabblequeen | August 18, 2008

The City Again

Call me crazy, but Saturday morning I hopped into the car again and drove off to San Fransisco. This time, Hubby Dearest came along for the fun. Our purpose was two-fold; to escape the heat, at least for one day, and to visit with our “old” German exchange student son and his friend. First, we met at the Four Seasons, in Chinatown, for Dim Sum.

Sigh, not a flattering picture of me, but at least you get the idea of our surroundings. For the un-initiated, Dim Sum is variety of Chinese foods served in small pieces/portions with tea. The servers walk around with trays of assorted goodies and you get to pcik which ones you want to try. They charge you by the plate, with charges usually ranging from $2.50-$5.00 per plate. Foods can be savory or sweet. Yum.

After we were stuffed full we strolled down the road toward Union Square. There are a number of fun/interesting sculptures on the sidewalk in Chinatown.

Cute giraffes

A pair of lions?

How many monkeys?

I did a very little bit of shopping as we walked. I bought a package of Chinese Oolong tea. It was cheap, as in $2.95 for a half pound of tea! I made a pot last night…delicious! Wonderful full leaf, or at least large pieces, which when steeped for three minutes produced a lovely shade of light greenish-brown liquid with a very pleasant aroma, too.

My only other purchase was an aqua blue Pashmina scarf. $10…..nuff said!

We finished off our afternoon in The City with tea/coffee/champagne and carrot cake at the top of the I don’t recall Hotel. It was probably a Hyatt or something like that. Very hoity-toity, but the service was extremely poor. The tea was a bag of Awake from Tazo, and a pot of mostly-hot water way too big for one tea bag! Ah well, I’m sure it was really all about the view. The top is 36 stories off the ground, and yes, the view was spectacular. However, as we didn’t have window seats, we didn’t get a picture from the “good” side of the building.

Not the “good” side

One last thing to share with you all…

The fountain on the steps to the hotel was quite unique.

A close-up of the wall


  1. What a neat fountain! I hate bad service. It makes the Knight especially grumpy in a hurry.

  2. yum…i love dim sum. and last time i was in SF I too purchased a $10 pashmina. it was my favorite but sadly i lost it somewhere in Las Vegas in Sept. Next trip, I’ll get another for sure! Great pics. love the interesting statuary and fountain.

  3. Oh, that fountain is cool! Not to mention the scarf!

    My sister and I once discovered a hole-in-the-wall place, pretty literally, a walk steeply up a crazy-narrow staircase from directly on the sidewalk’s edge up into a converted attic in Chinatown. (It helped that someone was handing out xerox sheets displaying the menu at the bottom doorway.) Outstanding service and food, and lunch for the two of us came to under five bucks. We couldn’t stand to leave the meager tip that would engender, so we more than doubled the cost of the meal and still felt guilty. It was good food!

    But ask me to find it again. It would be like looking for the door to Narnia.

  4. Dim Sum and tea sounds great. What a fun day.

  5. Forgot to ask you if you’ve ever been to the Imperial Tea Court in San Francisco. Roy Fong, the owner, is nationally known both for his teas and his tea knowledge. He’s also quite a good friend and mentor of Norwood Pratt, the well-known tea author and speaker.

  6. You were right, that was the Hyatt! Looks like you got some nice cool fog for your cool-off trip. 🙂 I love dim sum and shopping in Chinatown. That would be what I would do if I were there for a day trip.

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