Posted by: scrabblequeen | August 14, 2008

And On We Go

Thanks to those of you who helped me to decide what to do about the Scotch Thistle Lace scarf half. With your encouragement I opted to give it a soak, then block it, while still leaving it on the needle and without cutting the yarn. Of course, it grew quite nicely after it’s little soak. I pinned it out on the un-used bed and then did some measuring.

I didn’t even stretch it too hard, and got 34 inches of length and 9 inches wide. Funny thing, though, today after it had been unpinned for several hours, it had shrunk back somewhat! I re-measured the length and got on 30-31 inches, and the width varied from 8-8 1/2 inches. Is that normal?

I do like the way it looks blocked. Or did…before the shrinkage, which caused the thistles to pucker a little again….sigh

While the lace was drying, I worked on the black and brown alpaca scarf, and when I got tired of that I cast on for a cup cozy. I needed something small enough to take with me and neither scarf is that portable right at the moment. If things go well, I’ll cast on for the sceond half of the Thistle Lace in the morning. IF…..

Tomorrow is the 15th. I haven’t received my first package of the Co-op Tea swap yet, nor do I know if the one I sent made it Uruguay yet. I’m guessing she had the same issue I did, which is not being ready to mail on day one of the swap, then realizing how far the tea had to go! I’ll be mailing the second package on Monday. I just need to decide which two teas to send samples of. Darn, I might just have to do a little more tasting! 🙂


  1. I must confess I’m not a good measurer. That is to say, I truly don’t measure well, and I don’t measure regularly either, so I can’t tell you the measurements on much of any of my lace!

  2. I don’t know a thing about knitting or yarn but I do know that whatever you did made this look so pretty. It will be fun to see the finished product…

  3. Channon sent me here to come help out. Is your yarn a superwash-treated wool? Those tend to snap back like that when they dry. Do you have blocking wires? Or pins? If you have either of those, holding it in place while it dries will help, but it will tend to want to shrink up again next time it gets wet, again, assuming it’s superwash wool.

    Scrolling down to the earlier picture from before you blocked it and then comparing, I would say your needle size is a little small for the pattern/yarn combination.

    The lace pattern is Barbara Walker’s Thistle Leaf Lace, which I used for the Kathy’s Clover Shawl in my book, so I know it well; personally, I don’t think it needs to be knit in two pieces. Yes, the pattern will be upside down on one side relative to the other on the scarf, but your colorway is busy enough that nobody will ever notice, and the pattern itself is not one that screams look at me I’m upside down! anyway. Just my obnoxious two cents on that one. I’d just knit it straight in one piece and not have the interruption of the join.

    Imagiknit? Sounds like I’m about an hour away.

  4. I’m of no help with lace. Except to say it looks gorgeous so far! Good luck 🙂

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