Posted by: scrabblequeen | August 7, 2008

Missing; Not Inaction!

Sorry about the lack of posts lately, but this whole “life” thing has been rather busy. I’ve been attending meetings, helping Amy to pack, paper, and move a few things. They’re finally getting to move into a house they “own”! It’s a huge amount of work and stress, especially with the baby and the fact that her hubby goes back to work next week. Whatever doesn’t get done before then….:-( I’ve also been spending huge amounts of time chasing down info and making reservations for more travel. I know, you feel really sorry for me, right?

Last Saturday we packed up the boy for his week of “Adventure Camp”. This is not going to a camp, but rather a week of camping, white water rafting, and various other wild adventures across the north state. We picked up his buddy from the train station in the town next to us, and headed up to Oroville to drop the fellas at their jumping-off point. The place is a menagerie! There were goats, sheep, horses, a donkey, chickens, geese, dogs, and pea hens and a peacock, too! Speaking of jumping off, the boys did just that, using a zip-line to soar across a small pond on the porperty.

The Peacock

Zipline sequence: Ready

Get set….


In addition to all the other “stuff”, I have been knitting lately. I have two Finished Objects to report to you. First, the Mr. Greenjean’s socks.

I finished these up days ago but have not taken the time to post them. I did update my Ravelry projects page, for once! Socks That Rock, lightweight, Mr Greenjeans colorway. Knit on size 1 KnitPicks circs, Magic Loop. Garter Rib pattern. I tried something new with these; I re-inforced the heel. Because the yarn is 100% merino, I thought it would be good for longevity. That may be true, but it was very hard on the hands and slowed me down considerably. Made for: me!

I also finished up the Mistake Rib scarf from the Bravo Crazy Color I won from Grace. I used two skeins for the beret, two more for the scarf, and still have two skeins left! I’m thinking about mittens to match, but that will porbably on take one skein, so still some thinking to do.

There really is so much more to tell, but time is up. I’ll finish by mentioning that my first swapee in the Co-op Tea Swap is in Uruguay, so I have to get to the post office pronto!



  1. Great colorway in the Mr. Green Jeans socks! I haven’t used that pattern, but it looks like it works up quickly! Nicely done!

  2. love those sox! ziplines! whoo good times will be had!

  3. Such pretty pretty mr.greenjeans socks!! Love them!

  4. Ziplines are a thing of my past. Thanks for the pleasant memories. LOVE the Greenjeans.

    Love peacocks.

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