Posted by: scrabblequeen | July 26, 2008

Filling In The Holes

After I got home and had a good look at the posts I made while away, I noticed a few things had been missed. I’ve gone back and added links to several of those posts, so you can now go find out about The Burren, and the Heritage Centre, and Strokestown Park House easily, if you should so desire.

I also noticed I had left out an entire day’s worth of “where we went’ since I was too tired to deal with it that night. I only posted a picture of Hubby Dearest playing accordian, with no mention of the day’s activities at all…shame on me!

Revised Day Three

We took a trip out to the Clonmacnoise Abbey.
This was the day motion sickness from the bus caught up to me, so that by the time we arrived at the Abbey I was feeling a bit green. (good color for Ireland, eh?) I let Jim wander about with the camera until our Tour Guide came to tell us all the good info about this place.

St Ciaran was the founder of the Abbey…in 543 A.D. This is a replica of his cross, before the original church on the Abbey site. The real cross is in a museum in Dublin.

The Abbey is placed somewhat at a “crossroads” in the center of Ireland, where a main road and an important (at the time) waterway intersected.

Two towers were built there to help keep watch for approaching invaders. (think Vikings) The first is a bit strange. It’s entrance is 9 feet above the ground. It was originally taller than the second tower, but after a lightening strike took of it’s top it was never rebuilt, and so became the shorter tower.

The second, newer tower, still has it’s top and sits nearer the water.

While on the “tour” part of our visit, I came across this Celtic cross…I love the designs on it, especially the heart.

As you can see, excavation work is still going on at this site. The upper, oldest graveyards are no longer allowed to be used for new burials, but several of the lower areas are still open for use. The Irish have particularly lovely tombstones, and the plots are often little gardens.(which we did not photograph)

There is a lot more to know about Clonmacnoise Abbey and it’s founder. I invite you to go search it out for yourselves, it’s more fun that way. Or, you could always go….. 🙂



  1. Oh I would love to see this in person. Beautiful!!

  2. I’d wondered if you’d skipped a day!

    Those celtic crosses are so gorgeous! My favorite!

  3. What a great tease! I guess I’ll have to “humor” you and feed my curiousity tomorrow and poke around. Perhaps one day, I can go see it in person.

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