Posted by: scrabblequeen | July 24, 2008

An Electrically Charged Query

Grace wants to know:

When you are knitting and using metal needles like Addi’s or Options and it starts to thunder and lightening do you put your knitting down? I do and pick up something on wooden needles and Tom thinks I am crazy. Everyone who answers my question will be entered into a drawing for prize (to be determined but with a minimum value of 10$ and knitting related) . Post the same question on your blog and I will give you an additional entry as long as you tell me where to look. I will take entries until Sunday the 27th and pick a winner on Monday the 28th .
Off to do what I do best!!!!!!

Grace, I have never even thought of this! It so rarely rains here, and thunder and lightening even less often. However, I seriously doubt that I would put down the needles until or unless the power went out and I couldn’t see to knit!



  1. It rains here a LOT but I don’t put down my metal needles either.

  2. seems the more comments I get I am a nutjob!!!!!

  3. Gee, that hadn’t even occurred to me. Of course, we don’t get a lot of rain here, except in the winter. And we haven’t even had that much the past couple of years.

  4. Gee I’ve never even thought about it. But don’t think that I would.

  5. Ha! I don’t knit but I’m with you I’d put down the metal ones and pick up the wooden ones for sure in a storm…

  6. No, I wouldn’t put my metal needles down — but — I usually always knit with wooden ones anyway!

    🙂 LaTeaDah

    PS: Thank you so much for logging into the Gracious Hospitality blog-hop! It was fun to visit!

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