Posted by: scrabblequeen | July 23, 2008

“N” is For….

Yes, I’m late again, I know, I know. But I was on vacation and it just slipped my mind!


“N” is for….


National Capitol

We spent a few hours in DC the day we left for Ireland and took a brief tour of town on a Trolley.


We saw the Washington Monument (who could miss it?)



The Jefferson Memorial



And the White House


Truthfully, we saw quite a few more of our national capitol’s important buildings, memorials, and symbols, but getting photos from a moving trolley just isn’t that easy! Someday I’ll spend a few days in DC and really see things, not just from the outside, either.


  1. Don’tcha just love DC! Welcome home from your long but beautifully documented journey overseas.
    my jealousy knows no limit 😉 nice pics from the trolley though!

  2. My college town! I’m glad you got to enjoy a bit of it.

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