Posted by: scrabblequeen | July 17, 2008

Day Six

July 16

It’s much harder to do this when a day or two has passed without the details being written down soon after they occurred, but I’ll give it a go.

Wednesday morning was a get-up and go day. We had to have our bags packed and out the door in plenty of time to get them on the “shuttle” back down to the ferry dock in the harbor. Once that was done, we had some free time while we were waiting for the ferry to come in, unload, and be ready to take on new passengers. I took Hubby Dearest down to the pretty church for a look-see, since he had missed it on Tuesday. Then, with time still left to burn, we went into the little store/post to get a card to send his mother. Then, it was back out into the wind to wait. While we were waiting I noticed a sign on the bulletin board where ferry passengers could wait advertising an “internet cafe”. Who’d a thunk?! This island has a permanant population of 180 hardy souls, hardly any motor vehicles, and can be circumnavigated on foot in about three hours…oops.

Duly fortified with Dramamin, I endured the rough seas as we headed back to the “mainland”. We boarded the bus again and took off through Connemara, home of the only fjord in Ireland. On the way we stopped for a photo op across the water from the entrancing Kylemore Abbey. It was truly a beautiful spot.

I couldn’t resist putting in a secon picture taken at the same place. This rowboat scene really got to me.

We lunched and shopped briefly in Leenane before continuing on to county Mayo, where James is from, and where we’ll be spending a few days in Westport.

Stephanie, will this do for green, rolling Irish hills? I took it from the bus while we still in Connemara, I think.

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