Posted by: scrabblequeen | July 17, 2008

Day Seven (aka our 25th Anniversary)

July 17

Yeah! A free day today.

Welcome to all you hardy souls who have endured the disjointed posts on this trip so far.
All the usual yada-yada about staying up late last night, except that this time we were just gathered in the “parlor” of the super-nice hotel we’re staying in to play some games, no music this time.

After breakfast, we gathered a bag full of dirty laundry to send out to be washed, (I love it, I send out a bag of dirty and get back clean, why can this not happen at home?) then grabbed our coats and camera and started the walk into Westport. James had said it was only a 20 minute walk….40 calf-killing minutes later we arrived….men!
On the way I saw a few photo-worthy things… like this scene

And this window box

And this, painted on the roadway…I love it!

We did some serious shopping for gifts and “stuff”, then stopped by the little shop James had recommended for a bite of lunch. Yummy ham and onion quiche, a pot of tea, and apple-rhubarb crumble pie with cream…dessert isn’t optional in these kinds of places….

After lunch we shopped a bit more, including a stop at one of my favorite types of stores…Bookstore! Even better, it was a used bookstore. I bought two old volumes of poetry by Irish authors. We were fortunate to catch a taxi with one of the other couples in our group, so I got back to the hotel in time to add a 20 minute sea salt soak (say that one fast three times) before my 50 minute massage. Oh yeah, this is the Carlton Atlantic Coast Hotel, and it has a Spa. Happy Anniversary to me!

Just before dinner I fullfilled a promise to Chan and took some pictures of the green hat I bought on Inishbofin and the travel knitting I haven’t even bothered to mention yet…

Socks That Rock lightweight, Mr. Greenjeans colorway. I was well into the gusset before I realized I had made a boo boo, and all I’ve had time for since is tinking…ugh.

I brought along this scarf that matches the beret I made so I’d have something to work on when socks wouldn’t be good, like on the bus or the plane, or any time my brain isn’t working, which seems to be quite often these days.

Finally, I should probably say something about being married to a great guy for 25 years, but since a picture is worth a thousand words, how about just a picture, eh? At dinner tonight.

Donnie and James had gotten a card for us and had everybody on the tour sign it. They also had a cake to help us celebrate, which was served during a break in this evening’s concert. Tonight is was strictly Men of Worth, no guests. It was very nice and not too long. We had a group of Canadien’s who joined us for a while. I’m quite sure they think we’re all a bunch of crazy Americans because we had several outbursts of laughter that made no sense if you were’nt in the private jokes.

A picture of James…just because Donnie got in the other day.

Oops, it’s two again! Good night.


  1. Best wishes for MANY more years of travels and smiles together…

    LOVE that Mr Greenjeans colorway. I’ve yet to buy any STR, but that might push me over the edge. The hat’s a perfect shade of green too, and looks like a very comfy hat. Thanks for humoring me!

  2. I’m in *heaven* seeing all of your beautiful pictures and hearing about your trip day by day! A very happy anniversary to you both, and here’s to 25 more happy years to come. 🙂

  3. Happy Anniversary!

    Is Mr. Greenjeans not a perfect colorway for Ireland or what?! I loved the bookstores in Ireland!!

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